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Best Damned Eggs Around!

Just $6 a dozen

These eggs are the whole package: 

Heritage breed, free ranged on healthy green pastures, micro flock of hens. They are fed a certified Organic ration plus produce from the garden. Plus what ever they find roaming around the farm.


The yolks are a deep orange and the whites whip up like a dream. The flavor is second to none






















Organic feed costs 3x more than conventional or GMO feed and is grown without synthetic inputs on farms that pay attention to soil health.


GMO Free feed often uses grains that are conventionally grown using synthetic inputs such as 2,4-D, anhydrous ammonia and even glyphosate based herbicides to burn down grain and legume crops. The soils are managed very differently on Organic farms and that makes a big difference in the nutrition of the feed and superior feed creates superioreggs 

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