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Why Join The Farm Share?


























Why You Should Join the



There are so many great reasons to join ANY CSA Farm and we are glad you are considering joining ours.


You will be tapping into some really incredible food as well as a community of like-minded souls who share your enthusiasm for cooking great meals using the best locally grown ingredients around. The food that you prepare and eat will immediately start tasting better and your body will feel better.


You all know you and your family should be eating a lot more fruits and vegetables, especially leafy greens like salads and chard or collards. But you don't for whatever reason, the kids won't eat them, the "produce" at the box store is nasty, etc., etc.. the Boulder Belt Farm Share can change that


Did you know that people who are CSA/Farm Share members

  • Feel Better

  • Eat a lot more produce

  • Have kids who eat veggies from "their Farm"

  • Learn about farming and can wow their friends at dinners with their new knowledge of food and farming along with incredible food to eat


We offer a couple of ways to join; 8-week memberships and the 35-week Endless share membership for CSA veterans.


We are now taking members for our 2024 season. 



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