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We have been serving our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) members through that we call the Boulder Belt Farm Share Initiative for 26 years. In 2020 changed our CSA outlook. We went from struggling to get members to increasing our membership 10- fold and selling out our shares. 2021 looks like more of the same so we have decided to increase our membership from 45 to 75 in order to serve more people. We grow a wide selection of produce and do so sustainably/regeneratively meaning we pay attention soil health, do not use synthetics. We grow year round using high tunnels, hoop houses and over 27 years of experience as full time eco-farmers and local food advocates

What's in a share?! 

Boulder Belt Farm Share Initiative members get to choose what goes in their share each week and the choices they get change from week to week as new crops are ready to harvest and other crops leave us for a while. So when I am asked what's in a share and what exactly is an item I find those to be hard questions to answer. But a picture is worth a thousand words and I took photos of 20 shares the second week of July 2020

Below are two half shares. A half share gets 4 items. In the top photo, we have Haricot verts, wild black raspberries, and zucchini. the second share has tomatoes, black raspberries, and sugar snap peas









































Here we have two large shares. A large share gets 7 items. The share in the top photo has Lettuce, chard, cucumbers, zucchini, kale and snap peas. the other large share has lettuce, two haricot verts, lettuce, cucumbers (note there are 2 different kinds of cukes), zucchini, snap peas and tomatoes



















































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