Protocols until further notice

Until further notice, We are doing contactless curb-side pre-orders only.

You can purchase anything we carry in our store only by pre-order.

Email us at to get on our mailing list. We send out an updated pricelist about 2 times a week. Email us your order and we will invoice you and put it together.


We can usually do same day service

We sell what we grow and make as well as producs made or grown by other farmers and artisans within 50 miles of our farm store.

If you have shelf stable items you would like to see in our store talk to us. We may buy from you and sell them in our store

Our store is open to the public, you do not need to be a Boulder Belt Farm Share member to buy things for sale in the store.


Our sustainably grown produce is the best money can buy and all the other producs are top shelf and support local small businesses and you will be supporting all of us too when you things in the store

We are self-service but if we see someone is shopping we will happily pop in to say hi and make sure you can find what you are looking for. We will even go and harvest something if it is ready to harvest but not in stock, just ask.

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